Precision Recruiting for a culture of performance

When who you hire absolutely matters

From startups to enterprise organizations, Trova excels at building strong, dynamic teams that drive sustainable growth and increased profitability

photos of the employer and employee connected through Trova
photos of the employer and employee connected through Trova for mobile

The best candidates have jobs...

We know what drives exceptional candidates to consider NEW fulfilling careers.

  • Trova is constantly seeking out top talent in the industries we serve, to gain insight into their values and uncover the environments in which they excel
  • We adopt a fair and unbiased approach when assessing potential hires, ensuring that we not only fill positions but build you a cohesive team
  • By thoroughly understanding candidates and their values through open communication, we are able to minimize conflicts and reduce turnover
  • We conduct thorough research to gain insight into the past performance and capabilities of All potential hires
  • You get a NEW HIRE that thrives in your environment and has the skills you need to grow and succeed

YOUR PERFECT HIRE could already be in our network…

Stop Waiting to be Connected!

With Trova YOU get

An outsourced and accelerated hiring process

Trova works independently or alongside your existing hiring team. After an initial consultation we often send candidates as soon as the next business day.

Less operational downtime from decision makers

No more plowing through massive stacks of semi-adequate resumes. Our goal is a few outstanding resumes, positioning you with only the highest quality candidates.

High performance professionals that crush your expectations

Using Trova gets you precision selected, thoroughly vetted candidates allowing you to interview with greater focus on soft skills, charater, and cultural fit.

Check out these client reviews

A High-Quality Experience!

"My dealings and interactions with Trova have been professional and of the highest quality while being down to earth and pleasant. I have greatly appreciated the transparency and candid nature of our conversations - unfortunately not as common as one would like in the business landscape of today."

Robert H

A Big Shout-Out!

"Trova is a top notch recruiting company. They are really supportive throughout the whole process, and provide you with great guidance, amazing deals and the time to close a deal is extremely fast. Truly appreciate everything they did for me. Big shout-out to Tim and Alec .."

Maylin R

Focused On Objectives!

"Trova focuses on the customers objectives, with a goal to produce positive outcomes. I’ve enjoyed working with them several times, they make the process smooth and a helpful experience. The team is very responsive and knowledgeable, seeking to understand my needs early in the process."

Luke A

Worked With Them Over 15 Yrs!

"This is the recruiting team you want!. I have worked with members of the Trova team for over 15 years. In that time, I have been placed by them, had them be my sole recruiter, and had them partner with my HR department at several different large organizations. When I have a critical or difficult role to fill, Trova will find me the resources I need to run my business-- in any state-- and for any role."

John P

Not Like Other Recruiters!

"Tim, Alec, and Beau are always a pleasure to work with and extremely thorough with their employment leads. Trova is not like most recruiting firms, since they take pride in cultivating relationships both on the client and resource side. I've personally worked with Beau for many years, and he's always been great to work with and I definitely look forward to working with Beau and the rest of the Trova team in the future!"

Carlos M

    will minimize or eliminate

    • Lengthy interviews with non-qualified candidates
    • Time away from core projects
    • Hiring mistakes due to subjective interviewing

    Why Choose Us?

    Here’s the difference

    Most recruiters only search to fill a position. At Trova, we actively seek and cultivate relationships to improve our network of talent. This practice has been compounded over decades, with dozens of agents growing a pool of talent not available to average recruiters.

    Need a hiring solution?

    As veterans in the industry, Trova expects all parties to succeed before they do.

    Who We Are

    Beau McGlamery founder

    Beau is a talented and seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in full-service consulting and recruitment for all corporate levels.

    Timothy Lesnick founder

    Tim has nearly 20 years of expertise in staffing and professional services, placing thousands of individuals into consulting and full-time positions.

    meet the rest of the team

    Our experience and objectivity allows us to:

    • Vet candidates based on their ACTUAL past performance
    • Learn about candidate personal needs and situations
    • Recruit personalities that are compatible to the company culture
    • Create thriving relationships by connecting people with similar values

    all with ZERO RISK to YOU!

    Who We

    Get in Touch!

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