Technology & Other
Professional Services

Dedicated in-house subject matter experts for contract service  while you retain ownership and management.

Technology & Other
Professional Services

Trova’s ‘Technology & Other Professional Services’ offers an alternative to Managed Project Outsourcing and Managed Services. With this service, clients get dedicated in-house subject matter experts with a commitment to client success, which is not always seen in traditional staff augmentation.

With this specialized service,

The customer still manages the project but without the added costs of outsourcing and is able to maintain complete control and management. This system has already provided great ROI for many clients.

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Governance, risk, compliance, and cybersecurity projects

may be better suited than Managed Services, allowing Trova to provide small and mid-cap companies with subject matter expertise to remain compliant without full-time, skilled professionals on staff.

Technology & Other Professional Services by Trova is a high-functioning service

that provides companies with temporary access to skilled individuals and teams at a fraction of the cost of full-time employment.

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