Trova means “Find” in Italian.

As highlighted in Da Vinci’s timeless painting, “Cerca Trova“ means “Seek, and You Shall Find.”

At Trova, we have re-imagined this famous phrase and make this promise to you: “Seek, and We Will Find.”

Our Mission

Trova strives to be the living embodiment of unmatched ethics, true humility, good cheer, and always, servant leadership. May we build a meaningful legacy of excellence for our community, our clients, our families, our consultants, and our candidates. We strive to serve God always, by always serving others.

Trova has 4 practice areas to best serve you:

1. Direct Hire, Permanent Placement, Contingency Search


One can argue the value of a recruitment firm is in the network of relationships they have.  With decades of experience in multiple markets, Trova has a breadth of passive candidates at their fingertips.  This is how we help you build your all-star team.

We start by considering your overall hiring strategy and approach. How do you truly benchmark your search against the overall talent pool of the market? How do you inject objectivity into your hiring practice? How do you ensure you have talked to the top candidates that could be potential game-changers for your company?  Most importantly, our expert recruitment methodology helps cut a tedious process down to days when internally these procedures can take several weeks at best, and even months for most companies.  Keep in mind, as a contingency service, this costs you nothing to get started.

2. Retained Executive Search


Trova’s retained executive search program starts with an all-encompassing review of your organization’s structure, investing time with your Human Resources department, Senior Leadership, and/or Executive Board Members to understand how the role best fits within your culture. Once this is defined, our team leverages its substantial network of passive candidates whose relationships have been cultivated over decades, while carefully balancing the confidentiality and delicacy required in delivering best-in-class talentTrova’s retained division focuses on identifying ideal senior and C-level executives, VPs, Directors, and Managers for Technology, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Operational positions across a wide range of industries. Utilizing this exclusive program makes a strong statement to the talented professionals you seek, by expressing your invested commitment to the intricate process of attracting and hiring the very best and brightest. Trova’s retained search team has the flexibility and versatility to service a wide variety of organizations, whether you are a startup, Fortune 500,  private equity, non-profit, or privately owned firm.

3. Staff Augmentation, Temporary Employment, Contract Labor, Professional Consulting, Interim Staffing


Call it what you like! Truly these are all outsourcing strategies used to help achieve corporate business objectives. In many cases, specialized skill sets may be required to satisfy an immediate business need, but that need has a shelf life. Why go through the cumbersome process of shouldering the cost and liabilities associated with recruitment, onboarding, training, and retention, when your challenge, struggle, or project can be viewed as predominately temporary in nature?  Besides being a great way to get the project completed with a dedicated resource, you also get the added benefit of evaluating that talent, should you wish to expand your team down the road.

Trova has a breadth of experience in this area, allowing us to quickly customize a solution to best suit your needs. All too often, companies rush to backfill a vacant position, without re-evaluating the work effort and deliverables of that position. Remember the longer a role remains vacant, the more adverse effects accumulate, compounding their impact onto other departments and impairing morale.  Rapidly changing market dynamics suggest reconsidering the need for a full-time hire and exploring these outsourced options accordingly.

4. Professional Services: Cyber Security and GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) Practice


Our Cyber Security practice operates as a professional services team, providing independent and unbiased advice to address all applicable information security requirements driven by regulatory and compliance objectives, senior management direction, and generally accepted information security principles. Our service offering includes but is not limited to:

  • Performing gap analyses, readiness assessments, and pre-assessments in collaboration with an organization’s internal audit team; including identification of control weaknesses, development of remediation plans, and leading or assisting with the mitigation efforts
  • Performing 3rd party risk and security assessments to determine adequate risk-based approaches to help secure an organization and achieve compliance
  • Business impact analyses, IT security roadmaps, and IT security budget evaluation
  • Mentoring and guiding organizations through compliance solutions based on business objectives
  • Leading compliance policy, procedure and/or guideline authorship to ensure the privacy and security of company-sensitive information
  • Authoring corporate-wide security awareness initiatives with train-the-trainer on the ground and e-learning technologies
  • Reducing cost through consolidation of controls between compliance frameworks