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At Trova, we strive to build a meaningful legacy of excellence for our community, clients, families, consultants, and candidates.

We are committed to optimizing the values of others by building relationships that are the lifeblood of all business.

Trova succeeds when all the stakeholders THRIVE

What does this mean to you?

Our community flourishes when businesses are connected with the talent they need and candidates find a rewarding and fulfilling position.​

Trova believes in charity contribution and giving back to the community by lifting others up. We enjoy supporting several non-profit and philanthropic organizations nationwide.

Our clients thrive when hiring is no longer an obstacle to their growth. With Trova, you can hire employees that enhance your culture AND perform their duties at a high level. This results in lower turnover, higher profits, and less downtime.

Finally, we get to celebrate when everyone involved has achieved victory.

What does all this mean to you?

It means you and your new recruit experience a fulfilling and profitable relationship while Trova builds its legacy.

Everybody wins!

Meet the team

Beau McGlamery


Beau is a highly accomplished and experienced executive with over two decades of expertise in full-service consulting and recruitment for all corporate levels. Beau's career began in software sales for the recruiting industry, where he introduced one of the first Web Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to the market. His passion for the recruiting and consulting industry continued to grow, and his innate entrepreneurial spirit led him to own and operate his own hospitality businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, gaining a multifaceted understanding of business ownership and operations. In 2007, Beau joined a national consulting and recruiting firm as a Partner/Managing Director, where he led the firm's technology consulting and permanent recruiting practice. As a co-founder of Trova, Beau is dedicated to helping business owners and officers achieve their corporate objectives through his unparalleled passion, commitment, and expertise in his field. Beau's focus is on streamlining the Talent acquisition process for his clients, from startups to established global enterprises, mitigating costly risks due to poor selections. Beau is a Business School graduate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He returned to his native Florida, where he currently resides with his family in both Central and South Florida. In his free time, Beau enjoys spending time in or on the water.

Tim Lesnick


Tim’s experience spans two decades, in the staffing and professional services industry, where he has successfully placed over 4000 individuals in consulting and full-time positions throughout his career. Known for saying, ‘I’ve placed thousands of people for a fee and hundreds for free’, Tim truly loves servicing people in this profession. In 2020, he realized a lifetime dream of business ownership, while Co-Founding Trova with Beau. Tim's professional journey began in the IT infrastructure space, where he worked for an engineering firm. He gained significant experience in direct sales and launched a national affiliate program, which expanded the company's install base. In 2002, Tim was ironically headhunted into the staffing industry, joining a Fortune 500 recruitment industry leader in Boston, MA. He quickly rose through the ranks, finishing in the top 10 for rookie of the year globally. He was soon promoted to Division Director and was a top producer in two different divisions in just four years. In 2006, Tim was relocated to Orlando and became intrigued by an aspiring boutique consulting firm in the area. After joining as a partner, Tim opened the staffing division in multiple markets, before expanding their technology consulting practice. With his exceptional talent and expertise, Tim is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service to clients and candidates alike. Tim also has several years of service on non-profit boards, including launching his own 501(c)(3) - Team 4 Kids, and in 2017, Tim was an OBJ 40 under 40 award winner. He holds a bachelor's degree from Boston College and lives in Central Florida with his wife Maribel and their two sons. In his free time Tim enjoys the beach, golf, feeding his gaming habit, and spending quality time with his family.

Gourav Mukherjee

Advisor, vCISO, Attorney

Gourav is a Senior-Level Information Technology Executive and Cyber Security Attorney with nearly two decades of experience in contracting, compliance, governance, risk, and audit, spanning a wide range of service and retail industry segments. He is known for his exceptional talent and proven ability to improve operations and compliance by establishing corporate controls and supporting processes through the implementation of a GRC framework. Gourav's thought leadership and vision for standardization and implementation of IT strategy has helped C-Level Management accomplish their business objectives. Moreover, he is an innovator for IT contract negotiation, supply chain contract coordination and acts as a corporate council of IT organizations. Gourav's principal areas of practice include performing gap analyses, readiness assessments, and pre-assessments in collaboration with an organization's internal audit team. He has lead compliance policy, procedure, and/or guideline authorship to ensure the privacy and security of company sensitive information, authoring corporate-wide security awareness initiatives using train-the-trainer on-ground and e-learning technologies. He also specializes in reducing costs through consolidation of controls between compliance and conducting IT Risk and Security Assessments to determine adequate risk-based approaches to achieve compliance. Gourav has earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami, a master’s degree from the University of Zaragoza, and his juris doctor degree from Florida State. He resides in Central Florida with his wife Elizabeth and their 3 sons.

Edna Vessey

PMO Executive & DEI Chairperson

Edna is a seasoned business transformation expert with nearly two decades of experience in project, program, and portfolio management. Her unique ability to forge authentic relationships has played a pivotal role in her career progression, rising from Business System Analysis to Change and Transformation Senior Leadership, she has developed and led Enterprise Project Management Offices and Diversity and Inclusion Councils. Edna's exceptional change management skills have made her the go-to resource for CEOs seeking transformational leadership to achieve complex strategic objectives, such as large-scale efforts in Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, Digital & Data Transformations, Sales Operational Innovations, and Financial Standardization. Her versatility is further evidenced by her experience in various industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Parks and Recreation, and Retail, which sets her apart from her peers. Edna's deep knowledge of the operational business lifecycle makes her a natural at connecting with people, processes, and technology. Edna is an award-winning leader, frequently recognized for her ability to drive fundamental change through best practices and process improvements. Edna joined Trova in 2022 to provide project and program leadership, PMO creation, and Diversity & Inclusion programs to Trova’s clientele. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her blended family, exploring the outdoors, reading, and volunteering in her community.

Stephen Smith

Advisor, Rainmaker

Stephen is a seasoned executive recruiter with over two decades of experience in both retained and contingency search. He started his career in a New York City boutique search firm, where he successfully placed finance executives in high-end global brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, and Barnes & Noble. In 2001, he relocated to Orlando and joined a Fortune 500 recruitment industry leader where he consistently achieved elite Chairman's and President's Club award levels. Afterwards, Stephen joined a fledgling entrepreneurial search firm, where he led their accounting and finance permanent placement operations as a partner throughout Central Florida for the next 13 years. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service to clients and candidates alike helped the company grow into a respected global industry leader. At Trova, Stephen serves as a Chief Advisor where he continues to leverage his expertise to provide exceptional service to clients and candidates with passion, integrity, and good humor - qualities that have defined his professional career. Stephen holds a bachelor's degree from Seton Hall University and a master's degree from the University of Alabama. He lives in Central Florida with his wife Carolyn and their three children.

Gilda Diaz

Director of Operations

Gilda (Diaz) joined during the Trova launch as Director of Operations, bringing with her more than 15 years of knowledge in the staffing industry. As a bilingual and diverse Human Resources Business Partner, Gilda is an innovative, results-oriented professional with a demonstrated track record of hands-on experience in human resources, performance management, executive partnership, employee relations, project management, employee engagement, diversity & inclusion, and operations. Prior to joining Trova, Gilda worked as Director of Organizational Development at an Assisted Living Company where she provided leadership for all aspects of the human resources function. She was also instrumental in creating the office and human resources structure for an Employment Firm as Director of Operations and served as Director of Logistics for a 600 employee international sales and marketing company. Gilda received her bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in Marketing from the City University of New York at the College of Staten Island in New York. Her expertise in developing HR policies and procedures, talent management, and boosting employee morale has made her an invaluable asset to the Trova team. In her free time, Gilda enjoys being creative, reading, traveling, and volunteering at various organizations, hospitals, and events with her certified therapy dog, Siena.

Alec Jones

Recruiting Manager

Alec has a background in Customer Service, Sales, and Management. He believes in providing a seamless hiring experience for his clients and candidates, with a focus on transparency and open communication. In addition to his professional work, he is a co-owner of a boutique toy company and is involved in organizing events for the National Toy Museum. For over 10 years, Alec has traveled the world as a nationally ranked yo-yo competitor. At Trova, he thrives at building a best-in-class recruiting experience for every applicant he works with, managing a substantial recruitment base for their clientele. Alec resides in Metro Orlando, where he enjoys spending time with his son and traveling to parts unknown.

Gilda Alvarez

Chief Data Architect, IT Consulting

Gilda is a Chief Data Architect at Trova with over a decade of experience in Enterprise Information Technology, having worked on multi-million-dollar projects for top companies such as IBM and Disney, among others, contributing to their success. Gilda is specialized in database design, implementation, and optimization, while emphasizing high availability, business continuity, and migrations. Her specialty in these areas ensures that our team and clients have access to data we can trust while having the highest levels of business continuity. Aside from her professional achievements, Gilda is passionate about promoting technical and leadership education in her community. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with MIS and Computer Science degrees. She is also the leader of the information technology committee of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America in Orlando) and a Chapter Leader for PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server). Through these associations, Gilda mentors many Latino women in IT Technical skills, helping to bridge the gap between these communities and provide them with essential tools for success.

Rob Vessey

V.P. - IT Consulting Practice

Rob is a technology executive with 20+ years of experience in IT. He quickly ascended the leadership ladder, earning executive level positions in diverse industries while remaining a hands-on architect in infrastructure and security. In 2021, Rob joined Trova as VP of IT Consulting. His ability to translate technical jargon into information consumable by executive-level decision-makers enables organizations to build forward-facing strategic roadmaps that drive growth and success. Rob is a sought-after advisor, servicing Trova clients by holding several different keys positions to help minimize the technical debt dilemma that plagues numerous organizations today. He is tasked with ROI initiatives and cost cutting measures within the technology field, truly looking to drive immediate and continuously value to Trova’s client base. In his free time, Rob enjoys exploring nature with his family, touring the country in their RV, refining his golf game, and playing games with his kids.

Figaro AKA Figgy

CEO "Canine Executive Officer"

Figgy is the CEO or “Canine Executive Officer” of Trova. As a certified service animal and professionally trained human companion, Figgy leads the office in morale building experiences. When spirits are low or tension is high, Figgy’s wagging tail and infectious personality brings immediate joy and calmness to the work environment. If he’s not out playing frisbee or emptying the Trova water cooler, Figgy can be found shuffling through our vast collection of neck ties. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, however he takes our business very seriously!

Trova is a national recruiting firm with clients all over the United States.

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Trova’s leadership has grown their network of highly skilled individuals for decades and have subject matter experts across the country. Wherever you are... We can help.

We assist clients in all the major cities in the US, not just those listed, and we are headquartered in Central Florida.

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