Recruiting Services

Visualize a new hiring partner as a dynamic team comprised of influential community members and skilled relationship managers who comprehend the interplay between individuals, company culture, and the performance you need to grow.

A guiding beacon to high-value talent and the companies that need them.

At Trova we lessen the burden of hiring

From Startups to Enterprises, we streamline the talent search process by implementing an unbiased hiring approach that aligns with the company culture. This ensures that all staffing needs, from entry-level employees to executive management, are met with top-notch talent who are an excellent fit for the company.

To maximize this process,

Trova cultivates a network of skilled professionals by increasing their workplace value and engaging them to understand the types of organizations that they best fit into through consulting, interviews, historical research, and investigative referencing.

Recruiting Services

Trovas’ core services are designed to enable your business to run efficiently. You get our team working for you, which lessens the burden on your executives, managers, HR, and other hiring staff, granting your entire organization the freedom to focus on what you do best… running your business.

Precision recruiting for your critical and common permanent staffing needs




Supplemental staff to increase your organization’s capacities


Strict focus on your executive and senior-level leadership positions


Dedicated in-house subject matter expertise for contract solutions

Assistance and placement for temporary, contract, or permanent positions

Solutions for even the most challenging staffing and recruiting problems

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