direct Hire

A staffing solution that enhances recruitment using Trova’s “three wins to success” strategy to actively search, attract, and place high-value talent that fits the company culture all while meeting or exceeding the skill set qualifications for a permanent position.

Trova’s Direct Hire service is a performance-based solution

that requires no upfront cost to you.

Trova has a broad history of success placing entry-level to executive, to highly skilled individuals in Tech, Finance, Accounting, HR, Healthcare IT, Cyber Security/GRC (governance, risk, and compliance), Marketing, and Sales.

Many recruiters often have a transactional relationship with their clients.  Their focus tends to be reactionary, overwhelming the client with resumes that are not ideal. 

What you get when you partner with Trova is a streamlined hiring experience from a team who understands the needs and trends of the current marketplace.  We will actively work to give you the most highly sought-after recruits with the values, personalities, and skills you need.

Trova’s Direct Hire service results in high performance individuals and teams with less effort and less turnover for you.

Direct Hire Performance Guarantee

When you choose Trova we insist that you’ll be completely satisfied with any direct hire placement during their initial 90 days and we back that up with a 100% Replacement Guarantee

Case Study #1

High-Volume, Strategic Direct Hire in Tech

Client’s Challenge

Our client, one of the largest global consulting firms in the world, needed to onboard 150 engineers over a 6-month period.

The Trova Solution

After meeting with talent acquisition and the leadership teams, digging deep into their technology stack and company culture, we generated a client specific questionnaire for interviews in order to find “Best in Class” talent to fit within their organization. We leveraged our extensive network to generate new talent options and were quite successful with referrals, leading Trova to surpass 6 other firms on the project, making 36 total placements with an average salary of $150K.

To maximize your hiring process,

Trova cultivates a network of skilled professionals by increasing their workplace value and engaging them to understand the types of organizations that they best fit into through consulting, interviews, historical research, and investigative referencing.

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