Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation or Contract Labor is a project-based staffing solution that enables the effective implementation of projects. These employees are on Trova’s payroll, eliminating the responsibilities and liabilities of a permanent workforce.  

A team of specialized professionals or a skilled individual can be assigned with minimal effort on your part.

This allows you to assemble a team of specialized professionals for a specific project, such as technology scaling, upgrades, new implementations, departmental ramp-up, or skilled individuals to fill a temporary gap without the need for extensive training or expectations of full-time employment.

Staff Augmentation can also allow for a “contract to hire” solution. For contact to hire, an individual is taken on as a temporary contractor with the likely possibility of becoming a permanent hire. This gives each party the opportunity to see if the position and candidate are a good fit for each other while reducing risk.

Hiring temporary staff can put extra pressure

on the HR and accounting departments, effectively increasing their workload. With Trova you can stop this unnecessary strain of the separate processes of identifying, advertising, screening, interviewing, checking, and directly employing temporary workers.

Trova's Staff Augmentation recruiting services

offer a hassle-free solution, eliminating all hiring and administrative responsibilities This allows you to focus on project deliverables and other critical business functions.

You receive a team of highly-skilled and qualified individuals, ready to achieve your goals.

A Hassle-Free Solution:

Trova’s Staff Augmentation recruiting services makes growth possible without the burden of Direct Hire.

Case Study #2

Unique Staff Augmentation Solution

Client’s Challenge

Revamp the global technology infrastructure footprint as a multi-billion dollar service company, with the problem of having multiple divisions and locations operating under different systems and processes.  

The client was seeking a partner to help them build out a modern and unified IT services group. They had over 200 locations spanning the globe and numerous projects running over budget. The client needed to scale and unify a large and currently ineffective IT team.

The Trova Solution

Build a PMO, consolidate data centers, and unify the technology infrastructure by placing two key IT leaders under CIO; one to build the Global PMO & one to run the Global Infrastructure.

We strategically staffed their failing projects with senior PMs to deliver key wins, championed support for these new PMs with key talent in delivery, release management, and business analysis.

Trova’s Staff Augmentation recruiting services offered a hassle-free solution, eliminating all hiring and administrative responsibilities. They received a team of highly-skilled and qualified individuals, ready to achieve their goals.

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