Most Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common or frequently asked questions we get from clients and businesses.

The truth is you may not – this question is better answered by a consultation. Our team will meet with yours to evaluate your hiring strategy, with the intent of filing any potential gaps. Is your talent team overloaded? Are you too reliant on job postings? A major benefit of partnering with Trova, is access to our massive network of passive candidates who are often not looking for or applying to jobs.  Internally, the hiring process tends to take up a lot of time and resources, especially if you lose a candidate at the closing table.  Trova completely streamlines this process, filing most positions in a matter of days – while guaranteeing the result.

Based on these specifications we would target a contract-to-hire situation where we can bypass the (typically) lengthy onboarding processes for permanent employees and get a consultant on the ground as soon as possible to fill your needs.

There are no restrictions when choosing Trova’s contingency service. This allows you to still hire on your own or use any other service you’d like….we are happy to put our services to the test.

Trova’s Retained Search program however is an exclusive partnership, requiring commitment by both parties to deliver.

In the unlikely event of interpersonal, professional, or work-based issues with any of our consultants, our team will discuss best options for you and your company, up-to and including termination, and move forward appropriately.

At Trova, we believe in succeeding only through win-win-win situations. Should a permanent employee not last beyond 90 days for any reason, our clients are entitled to a free replacement at no additional charge.

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