Retained Executive Search

A dedicated service that focuses on delivering you executive and senior-level leadership talent.

TROVA offers a retained executive search program

that helps organizations find top talent for senior and C-level executive, VP, director, and manager positions in various industries, including technology, finance, marketing, sales, HR, and operations.

Our retained search ensures you have access to key executive talent that requires ongoing communication in a seamless hiring process.

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The process begins with an in-depth review

of your organization’s structure and culture, during which our team works closely with your HR, senior leadership, and/or the executive board. 

We then use our extensive network of passive candidates, whom we’ve cultivated relationships with over the years, to identify the best fit for your role. 

Our Retained Executive Search

division is equipped to serve a range of organizations, including startups, Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, non-profits, and privately-owned businesses. 

Our systems and processes continually fulfill our promise and repeatedly demonstrate our strong history of attracting top talent making a statement to the professionals being sought.

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