a picture of the Owners and founding team at Trova standing with Lake Eola and the iconic fountain of Orlando in the background.

“As uncertain as these times are, is as certain and determined these four were in pursuing their passion. At Trova, Tim Lesnick, Beau McGlamery, Stephen Smith and Gourav Mukherjee each uniquely feels fulfilled with purpose.”

Founders and their team “find” a new path amidst a pandemic.

Tell us, what is Trova?

Trova, meaning “find” in Italian, is a nationwide staffing, contingency, and retained search firm. We provide job placement services for companies needing to hire great employees whether it be on a temporary basis, as a full-time team member, or as a professional services engagement where Trova owns the delivery. Ultimately, we strive to provide seamless service offerings that reduce the significant time investment associated with hiring well.


How is Trova different from other staffing firms?

We feel the breadth of our relationships and the depth of our expertise sets Trova apart. Our extensive professional networks have been nurtured over decades which we leverage to our client’s benefit. The data and intelligence gathered over time have helped formulate a value-based hiring process, which seeks to find the unspoken essence of culture within an organization and matching it with the key career ambitions of those open to make a job change. Another key differentiator is our professional services practice known as Immersion Security (immersionsecurity.com), which provides advisory services in Cyber Security. This team of in-house attorneys and subject matter experts provides strategic advice to our key clientele. In a time where talent in this space is extremely scarce and hard to evaluate, Trova felt it was critical to have a unique offering around Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Cyber Security.

How do you serve others?

Just as every ship relies on the beacon of a lighthouse (Trova’s brand icon), nearly every person needs guidance at some point in their life. If you lose your job, feel underappreciated, notice your career has stagnated or just need to make an employment change…going it alone is no easy task. Equally challenging is the journey towards hiring just one great employee as navigating the muddy waters of countless resumes, interviews, and recycled job descriptions has become extremely complex due to dynamic market conditions. At Trova, we optimize the values of others through our rigorous pursuit of relationships, which we commit to as the lifeblood of our business. Something very special happens when you take the curiosity we have honed over many years and reposition it for the benefit of job seekers, corporations, and the community alike. It is no wonder former customers often become our future placements and vice versa. By investing in our client’s careers and the goals of their organization, we strategically position ourselves to be labeled not only as vendor partners but as consulting advisors.

How does Trova view success?

Trova strives to be the living embodiment of unmatched ethics, true humility, good cheer, and always, servant leadership. Our goal is to build a meaningful legacy of excellence for our community. After all, success to us, is completely dependent on your success as a business.  Let us work to solve your immediate and future hiring problems, call us at 321-972-3333 or email at info@TrovaSearch.com to get started.

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