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In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, hiring top talent is crucial for the success of any organization.

As the founder of Trova, a high-performance recruiting firm specializing in technology and leadership, I’ve witnessed both the challenges and benefits of working with multiple recruiting partners. 

While some might assume that more recruiters mean more opportunities for finding the best candidates, there are clear drawbacks to this approach. 

In this blog post, we will explore five reasons that include: why having multiple recruiting partners working on the same opening is counterintuitive and, why consolidating your efforts with a single, trusted partner is a smarter business practice.

When who you hire matters.

Market Speed is dampened by a mass influx of options.

The speed at which the job market moves directly impacts the time you have to make hiring decisions. 

In recent years, companies faced the challenge of hiring swiftly to secure top talent. Even though the market has slowed somewhat, unemployment rates remain low, so when valuable talent becomes available, they are swiftly snatched up by other employers.

When you receive resumes from multiple sources, your market speed suffers. 

Coordinating with various recruiters can lead to inefficiencies, delays, and missed opportunities – potentially losing out on the best candidates.


Be acutely aware of your “Time to Hire”, if you want the best.

Be acutely aware of your “Time to Hire”, if you want the best.

“Time to Hire” is the period between a job opening becoming available and a candidate starting in that position. 

Additionally, it refers to the time taken to make decisions on quality applicants. 

Recruiting can be just like dating.  When you find a candidate that seems perfect for the job and aligns well with your team, you need to make a move and communicate with them.  

Any delay in the process to consider more candidates can result in losing that ideal match. 

Top talent is always in demand, and waiting for them can mean losing to a competitor who acts faster. 

Concentrating your efforts on one recruiting partner helps streamline the hiring process, reducing “Time to Hire” and increasing your chances of securing the best candidates swiftly.

You’re an expert!

You should be focusing on what you do best vs. coordinating with multiple vendors on the same need.

A reputable recruiting partner will invest time in understanding your business, thoroughly evaluating your culture, and aligning themselves with your goals. Working with multiple partners can lead to inefficiencies as each recruiter needs to familiarize themselves with your company’s unique requirements. 

By choosing a single recruiting partner, you ensure that they have a deep understanding of your organization.  This ultimately leads to more targeted candidate recommendations and a smoother overall recruitment process.


More is actually less due to recruiting incentives

Recruiters work diligently to make successful placements, but they typically operate on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid when a candidate is hired. 

They are incentivised. Recruiters are more likely to focus their efforts on clients who provide the path of least resistance. If your company collaborates with multiple recruiters, each working on the same position, many will prioritize other clients who offer exclusive partnerships or higher fee percentages. 

By partnering exclusively with one recruiter, you gain their full commitment and access to their top talent, giving you a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

And then you get…

Partnership loyalty that pays dividends to your business in the long term.

A crucial yet often underestimated advantage of working closely with a single recruiting partner is the development of a strong bond and loyalty. 

When a recruiter becomes ingrained in your organization, they gain unparalleled insights into your company’s culture, needs, and objectives. 

We get a high level of familiarity.  This enables us to anticipate your hiring needs and present relevant talent before you even realize you need it. 

Additionally, your recruiting partner can provide valuable insights into market trends and your competitors’ moves, helping you stay ahead in the industry.

Trova, Your Guiding Light and Recruiting Partner

While it may seem like having multiple recruiting partners would increase your chances of finding the right candidates, the reality is quite the opposite. 

By consolidating your efforts with a single, high-performance recruiting partner, you can benefit from the increased market speed, reduced “Time to Hire,” more efficient use of time and effort, and the development of a loyal and invaluable partnership. 

As you seek to hire top technology, accounting, operational or leadership talent, remember that quality and exclusivity often yield the best results in the dynamic world of recruitment.

For more information on hiring for your company contact Tim at TLesnick@TrovaSearch.com or call him at 321-972-3333

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